Steps for anyone to get funding for properties via Buy The Block

Pooling investor capital with Buy The Block through crowd investing allows for “group buying” in shares of real assets and real estate, including residential and commercial properties.  At Buy The Block you can buy shares in an apartment complex, office building, and retail buildings, instead of purchasing entire buildings and properties, directly dealing with tenant issues.

For Block Developers, Buy The Block is an opportunity to obtain financing and develop communities in need. With Buy The Block, Block Developers have a new mechanism to raise capital via the internet through our real estate crowd investing platform which provides access to our community of BlockVestors. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Block Developer creates an account. 
  2. Block Developer submits initial property information to Buy The Block, Legal Name, Company Details, Anticipated Income, Property Details, etc.
  3. Block Developer Rep contact Block Developer. 
  4. Block Developer Rep ask for required information to determine if Block Offer can be posted on Buy The Block. 
  5. Block Developer sell shares to BlockVestors in a structured entity (such as an LLC or C-Corp).
  6. Block Developer prepares a Private Placement Memorandum or Offer Memo (PPM) and other legal / compliance documents. 
  7. Block Developer agrees for Block Offer to go through all Due Diligence before any Block Vestor can invest. 
  8. Once approved, Block Developer can proceed to create an offer on Buy The Block. 
  9. Block Developer starts market their deal via many sources.
  10. Buy The Block notifies its community of BlockVestors of an approved Block Offering
  11. Block Developer contacts existing network of potential investors to publicize the Block Offering.
  12. BlockVestors perform self-certification via Buy The Block portal.
  13. BlockVestors who have completed this process can invest in a Block Offering. 
  • A Block Developer may utilize the following resources to publicize their Block Offering.
    • a. Social Media
    • b. Public Relations
    • c. Events / Campaign Strategy
    • d. Video Production / Distribution
    • e. Project Management
    • f. Introduce to Global Investor Networks
    • d. Announcement & advertising via multiple websites 

Using Buy The Block for your real estate offering helps to boost the power of your investment network, giving other local, regional, and national investors the ability to bring capital into a compelling deal.

To learn more about submitting a property, please call 513.299.7941 and press option one