How It Works

Buy The Block allows investors to make debt or equity investments in opportunities that were historically difficult to access. Thanks to the Regulation Crowdfunding rules promulgated by the SEC under the JOBs Act, Buy the Block can create a community revolving around its web-based investment platform geared towards making investing in real estate easier for more investors. It presents an opportunity to invest with other connected investors and provides the added benefit of giving each investor individual ownership in the “block.”

  • Create an account.
  • Creating a BlockVestor account is free and gives you access to invest in offerings that have been vetted through Buy The Block’s screening process.
  • As a BlockVestor, you can vote on properties you want to invest in before committing. 
  • Ask questions directly to Block Developers and get answers to important questions
  • Unlike other investment opportunities, Block Offerings have low minimums, starting investment amount of $100-$2,200, compared to the tens of thousands of dollars (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) required to participate in traditional real estate investment ventures.
  • Utilize Buy the Block’s Learning Resources.
  • Review an Investment thoroughly at your convenience. 
  • Every Block Offering features detailed information and a profile of any companies or individuals involved in the Block Offering. 
  • Finalize your investment if you decide to invest in a Block Offering, you can easily and securely sign legal documents and submit payment for your investment all on our portal. 
  • Monitor the fundraising progress for Block Developers to receive investment funds (and thus finalize your investment), the Block Offering must meet a certain minimum amount.
  • Buy The Block will keep you updated via email and through your BlockVestor dashboard as to the progress of all Block Offerings.

1). If a Block Offering in which you invested meets its minimum fundraising amount, you will be able to monitor its progress through your BlockVestor dashboard.

2). If a Block Offering in which you invested does not meet its minimum fundraising amount, 100% of your money will be returned to you with no fees or hidden charges.

  • Transparent reporting, BlockVestors can monitor progress for all investments, including a project’s status and timeline, via your BlockVestor online dashboard.
  • Block Developers will also provide weekly email updates for each successful Block Offering to its BlockVestors to include work completed, the project’s milestones for the coming weeks, and photos to demonstrate the progress of the project.
  1. List of expenses a project’s escrow account balance and any drawdowns are noted in the dashboard. 
  2. For preferred equity (profit-sharing) investments, we upload an invoice for every expense to provide exceptional financial detail from Block Developers. 
  3. Status updates every week, we send out an update on the asset, the work covered and the project's milestones for coming weeks. 
  4. You receive this update in your dashboard and via email.
  5. Weekly photos from Block Developers to illustrate progress to investors.
  6. Video updates investors also receive video updates on many investments, including walk-through or fly-byes of the site.
  7. Education seminars and comprehensive updates to help you feel understand investing in securities via Buy The Block. 
  8. Support to help you utilize our platform to its full capabilities. 

To learn more about becoming a BlockVestor, please review the risk and education page.