Company Update Report for current and future members/shareholders as of 9-4-2020

4 September 2020

1) Summary of the current period
As of September 4, 2020 the terms of our Regulation Crowding Funding campaign on will change. Reason for these changes is that one of the single family residences that we currently owned has been sold and is set to close on 9-25-2020. Proceeds from this sale will inject a substantial amount of capital into the company and this will effectively eliminate the company’s debt completely therefore this qualifies as a major change to the company’s financial status and updates to the offering memorandum, the campaign and the securities filing will be updated accordingly.

As for the terms we are lowering minimum investment goal of the campaign amount to $120.00 and the least investment amount to $10.00 per share in order to ensure everyone is allowed to participate at an affordable rate, to enable them to build their way up to the minimum $120 investment bundle. This change will allow current and future member/investors to benefit from the current sale of the single family residence above.

2) Key Partnerships
As you are aware, our first priority is to establish a market and to provide liquidity to the Class A Common Stock we have or will issue in exchange for investment capital. Our preliminary securities team is in place to help us start the process to completing our Regulation A securities filing so we can start the application process to be listed and quoted on a securities market and or a trading exchange.

3) Milestones Achieved
The sale of one the company owned properties, allowed it to release a substantial amount of cash equity that was tied up into the property since this pandemic hit back in February of this year. This capital will expedite several projects that will help prepare for the launch of the company as a publicly trading company.
The company’s Real Estate Investment Portal (R.E.I.P.P™) is out of its development stage and is ready for testing.

4) Pending Milestones
The company’s website and member portal are still in development at this time and when completed will interconnect with the Real Estate Investment Portal (R.E.I.P.P™).

The company is currently in a joint venture partnership talks for a $100 million capital infusion to help acquire the company’s current target portfolio in order to assist in preparing in taking the company public. Now, this is not the initial or original plan, because the members/shareholders are supposed to be ones pooling their capital together with the cooperative to acquire cash flowing real estate assets. As I stated in the SWOT analysis under the weakness section, membership/shareholder participation is critical to the success of this cooperative model. This joint venture is a backup plan to ensure we take care of the current members/shareholders who participated early before any major acquisitions to place.

5) We need your help
Current shareholder/members, with these new changes and updates, please take the time and reconfirm your equity investment with, so you do lose out on the new benefits.
Please visit our social media and help spread the 1 million member/shareholder initiative campaign liking, sharing, following and joining our groups. Sometimes awareness is just as powerful as money.

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6) Closing
Thank you for investing and becoming a member in the cooperative. I know we all have been in a whirlwind of drama over the last several months and it has not only tested us but has revealed a lot of things about society itself. Our dependence of the system to bail us out when we needed it the most, did not work out like we expected it. The cooperative group changes this narrative and puts the financial power and control back into our hands as a single group, in order to combat any future issues that may arise.

Tanen Andrews

Invest in buying and having equity in 560+ multifamily units in various Dallas area communities as cooperative group

Tanen Andrews
5900 Balcones Dr Ste 100 Austin, TX 78731

Funded: $2,580.00
Minimum Goal: $120.00
Maximum Goal: $250,000.00

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