Immediate Upgrade

28 April 2020

Spent 3 weeks with an entire team of contractors and landscapers upgrading the look of the property. We also tackled a lot of maintenance issues that could have caused problems later.

The tenants are very happy. The neighbors are very happy.

Despite the COVID crisis the majority of tenants have paid their rents. We have two that will vacate after the stay at home orders are lifted, but I don’t see any challenges with quickly getting new tenants in those two houses.

We Closed! Congrats to US!

11 March 2020

In case you missed the post on my social media, we closed last Monday. I'm now in the process of setting up the tenant databases, understanding the current rent collection process, and deciding which elements to keep and which parts to modify. We will be adding digital accounting records via a property management program, then hiring a property manager and CPA to keep everything in compliance. I will also be making some decisions on how to spruce up the property and adding a little more security (cameras & fencing).
We are still allowing people to join the investment pool, so be sure to share it with friends and family!

Invest in 18 rentals with long term tenants (mostly seniors), a restaurant, an empty space that will be a coffee shop, and a new construction office space in Historic 5th Ward of Houston.

Chris Senegal - President of 3204 Lyons Avenue LLC
3115 Farmers St, Houston, TX, 77020

Funded: $534,050.00
Minimum Goal: $107,000.00
Maximum Goal: $535,000.00

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