An Illinois Corporation


A Private Offering of 1,070 Shares of Common Stock

Purchase Price $100.00 Per Share

Minimum Purchase: $100 (1 Share)


A Historic Location - within four miles of the proposed Barack Obama Presidential Library in Jackson Park



27 Vacant lots under contract - located in and around Englewood Chicago

Construction Cost Estimate - $69,000 per unit 

Chicago's South Side Is A Hot City Housing Market 



Lashondra Graves is a Fellow Professor at Robert Morris University, the Author of Chasing Signs – a self-help book based on Spirituality and a Social Media Guru, having founded the 248,000 member Market Place - Buy and Sell Facebook Group.  Several years ago, identifying the plight of evicted renters who are in need of housing, Lashonda founded The Apartment Lady, Second Chance Rental and Eviction Prevention Foundation. Through the foundation, a great number of high risk renters were able to secure housing and develop the financial management skills necessary to ultimately become home owners.

The Apartment Lady’s success drew the attention of Chicago area landlords and land owners such as Reverend Glenn Harrell.  Reverend Glenn, as he is known sought out Lashondra’s assistance in developing affordable housing on 27 vacant lots under his control.  Thus Takes a Village 1, Inc. was formed with the express purpose of developing affordable housing on these lots, and providing Second Chance Renters with transitional housing.




Reverend Glenn, as he is affectionately known, was licensed and ordained in 1983 at the Antioch M. B Church by Pastor W.N. Daniels ,and continued his ministry as Associate Minister.  In 1987 Reverend Harrell joined and became an Associated Minister at The Fellowship M.B. Church under the leadership of Reverend Clay Evans. In 1993 Reverend Harrell Associate Minister at the Greater Mt. Pleasant M.B. Church remains Reverend Harrell’s church under the leadership of Reverend Ben Franklin.  Greater Mt. Pleasant M.B. Church remains Reverend Harrells’s church home and continues as Associate Minister under the leadership of Pastor Derrick P. Garth. In May 2010 Reverend Harrell organized, founded and pastors Preach The Word Ministries. In January 2011 he was elected President of the South Shore Pastors Association.


Takes a Village 1, Inc. will serve as the for-profit Real Estate Holding Company for properties acquired, developed and managed.  Under the title “It Takes a Village Neighborhood Revitalization Plan”, the village (local residents) will be able to invest in the first portfolio consisting of 99 units on 27 currently vacant lots.  We will make essentially all of our revenue by renting the units and recognizing capital gains on the sale of properties purchased; from this revenue, we anticipate covering the operating costs related with our business and distribute dividends to our shareholders. Our principal objective is to generate attractive investment returns for our shareholders, while providing value to the local community.  


Takes a Village 1, Inc. is a corporation founded by Lashonda Graves. The company will investigate investment opportunities throughout the United States area, with a focus on Inner City communities. By leveraging industry expertise and performing efficient property acquisition the company is projected to be a profitable venture returning 20% to 30% returns on investment.

 The current real estate market coupled with the current political climate has created a particularly favorable environment for Neighborhood Revitalization projects such as It Takes a Village. Civic-minded investors can now acquire real estate in economically challenged neighborhoods and provide second chance housing to local residents. Because of the current conditions, the Company intends to aggressively build a long term real estate portfolio by developing the 27 properties in its current portfolio and then renting the properties in accordance with the business model of The Apartment Lady, Lashondra Graves, Founder and Issuer.

 This business plan details the operations of the company. Start-up funding being sought of $107,000 is discussed along with a full market analysis of the areas the Company will operate in.  


TAKES a VILLAGE 1’s mission is to provide our investors competitive returns from residential real estate investment opportunities while helping families to overcome the challenges of homelessness and helplessness.   We seek to accomplish this mission by developing affordable rental units and providing Second Chance Rental Services to those in need.


Price to Investors

Selling Commissions

Proceeds to Takes a

Price Per Share:




Minimum Purchase Price (1 Share)




Total Maximum Offering (1,070 Shares)






The following Table shows a summary of the use of proceeds generated through the sale of Shares to Stock Holders of the Company. This represents a “best estimate” on how funds will be applied to the operations of the Company. There are no guarantees that this is truly how Company funds will be spent and depends highly on the opportunities received by the Company and the Issuer’s discretion.



Use of Funds

$107,000 at Max offering

$68,940 to build prototypical unit

$4,280 Brokerage Fee to Buy The Block FINRA Registered Platform

$5,000 Promoter Fee to K. F. McCarthy

$28,780 to purchase the portfolio from existing title holder(s)

                                                                                   SEC FILING


                                        OFFERING MEMORANDUM and FINANCIAL STATEMENT

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  • nate johnson
    nate johnson
    2 years ago
    Love the business model
    • Lashondra Graves CEO-Takes a Village 1 Neighborhood Revitalization Program
      Lashondra Graves CEO-Takes a Village 1 Neighborhood Revitalization Program
      2 years ago
      I am very excited about there is project has gone.
    • Lashondra Graves The Apartment Lady
      Lashondra Graves The Apartment Lady
      2 years ago
  • Gina moore
    Gina moore
    2 years ago
    Looking foward to get on board soon
    • Lashondra Graves The Apartment Lady
      Lashondra Graves The Apartment Lady
      2 years ago
      Gina, this is chance of a lifetime
      People have a chance to get on board now. This is going across the nation. I'm so happy to have you on board.

A neighborhood revitalization corporations created to develop multi-family homes on selected vacant lots of land, in and around the Englewood Section of Chicago Illinois.

Takes a Village 1, Inc. Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation
2214 East 75th Street, Chicago IL 60649

Funded: $3,300.00
Maximum Goal: $107,000.00

  • Closed
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