We are tapping into an industry that we have been historically kept out of. 

Join the movement to create black-owned nail spa's owned by the community. 


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This salon will thrive entering a world that has continually placed an importance on beauty and aesthetic appearance. The company intends to satisfy the demand for a nail salon in the location it will serve, by positioning itself as the leading option and by utilizing expert nail technicians and other beauty professionals. The salon will be dedicated to consistently achieving client satisfaction through unrivalled service and top-quality products at reasonable prices in an inviting, yet professional atmosphere.

The salon will feature a highly talented and experienced staff and management team. It will cater primarily to females, and provide a variety of manicure, pedicure acrylic, gel, dip services as well as hair care for natural clients as well and hair extensions, coloring services, cuts, and related retail products. A one-of-a-kind blend of services, location, focus on clients, and products; will all add up to an advantage over the competition. The founder holds a belief that a person’s aesthetic appeal, many times is the main focus of his or her unique style, and we welcome the opportunity to cater to their beautification needs.



Key factors to ensure the salon is successful, are exemplary team member skills, exceptional client service, and the creation of a harmonious environment for clients and staff. The company will execute a thorough marketing strategy that will involve, client referrals, paid advertising, public relations and social media. It is expected that the initial client base will largely consist of those who have followed members of the team from previous salons. The salon will stay abreast of new trends and techniques by taking time to participate in continuing education related to each staff member specialization.

The company will partake in the vast and budding beauty industry. This has historically been a recessionary proof industry, with demand for salon services and products strong in both up and down economic cycles. The demographics in the chosen location, show that there is enough traffic, whether by car or on foot, to make it possible for the salon to flourish. With a unique goal of ensuring that clients are put first and foremost, the salon plans on going the extra mile to provide services and products customers desire. The salon will boast a relaxing atmosphere and a staff that believes in getting to know each client as an individual and guarantees their experience will exceed any pre formulated expectations. 


p8.jpgAngela Dupree is a 20+ year nail veteran who has dedicated over half of her life to her passion for nails! Her obsession with all things nails keeps her abreast with the latest trends and techniques. She is very versatile with her nail art and a perfectionist when it comes to her service execution. 

Her initial official introduction to the beauty industry was when she was 16 when she enrolled in the cosmetology program while still in high school. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of her control she was unable to complete both years to obtain a cosmetology license. However, she did complete a nail course shortly after graduating from High School where she recieved her Nail Techinician license. This salon is her brain child that reunites her with her love for everything Cosmetology. She has a undeniable love for the beauty industry and a whole. And the joy she feels to help a client with their beautification process is beyond belief. 



She is also a licensed nail instructor & desire to share her knowledge with all that would like to pursue a career in the nail industry. Her mission is to combine quality and service to provide the Ultimate Salon Experience. She is very meticulous with the care and service clients receive and pride herself with being able to satisfy their needs. 
Thank you for taking a moment to read a bit about our owner and we hope to see you soon. Book your OSP beauty experience today!


p6.jpgVery nice, and comfortable environment "She took really good care of my nails. She did an awesome job. I would refer her to anybody who wants there nails done with care, and if they want them looking flawless. I was mostly impressed with the environment. It is so clean, not a lot of kids running around,and just relaxing. I give her 5 stars!!" - Cassandra James

Excellent "Angel is the best in Richmond. She is very profes‐ sional. My appointment was at 2pm and she start at that time. She was very engaging. I'm a hairstylist and I know good customer service when I see it. I appreciate her taking her time and being neat. My 135 was well worth it. I will be seeing soon." -Jessyca M.

Awesome as always "The best in RVA...always coming up with new ideas that turn into amazing artwork. I always love my nails!" -Sunni B

Superb Services "Angela always provides superb service! I'm always satisfied with my nails! Her welcoming and positive affirmations always help me relax and enjoy my experience!" -Angelica P.

1 of a Kind "Angel is a unique one of a kind Nail Artist. Angel per‐ fects your nails before you get out of the chair. Angel is Professional and does your nails in a timely fashion."

New client "Great service and wonderful work. Will definitely be back and referring family and friends to Oh So Polished" -Kelly Roger's

Loved it!! "I went to her for a fill in with 3 broken nails and it was done by TJ nails. She completely brought me back. She is very professional and has a wide variety of styles acrylics and polish. She is my new nail artist" - Shawna H.

Blessed "Love my nails and so blessed to have a very professional nailtech. Nails are always handle with care and in a timely fashion. No matter the service you will be in and out and your nails will look great. So blessed !!!!!" - Lakeisha W.

RVA NAIL SLAYER "What can I say about her work that doesn't already speak for itself. She provides top notch service and does an awesome job. I am always a happy customer when I leave her!" -Dorothea Johnson

Great work "Although I scheduled the wrong appointment on my first visit she was still able to work with me and give me great nail service. RVA Nail Slayer takes her time on services rendered, worth it!" - S.T.





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There will always be a need to do some business and sales forecasting as a business. This is because of the drive it gives one to achieve it. In the same vein, Oh So Polished, Inc has several sale projections that we will be all out to achieve. For as long as there are female folks in Virginia, we know that we will be able to reach our sales goals in no distant time.

We are well positioned to take on the available market in the U.S. and we are quite optimistic that we will meet our set target of generating enough income / profits from the first six month of operations and grow the business and our clientele base beyond Virginia to other states in the U.S. and even the global market.

We have been able to critically examine the beauty market and we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast. The sales projection is based on information gathered on the field and some assumptions that are peculiar to startups in Virginia.


Below is the sales projection for Oh So Polished, Inc. It is based on the location of our nail salon and the wide range of other addendum services we will be offering;

First Year-: $150,000

Second Year-: $200,000

Third Year-: $350,000


Based on these modest projections, we can offer up to 15% annual dividends per investment of $100. 


Minimum Raise: $50,000

Maximum Raise: $107,000

Number of Shares: 4280

Price per share/unit: $25

Minimum Investment: $100

Company Estimated Valuation: $215,000


Connect with Oh So Polished, Inc

Facebook: Oh So Polished, Inc 

Instagram: @OSPBeautyLounge



3 stylists, 2 licensed nail techs as well a 3 nail apprentices are locked in to start once the salon is ready! 



Offer Documents 

Offer Memo Subscription Agreement ByLaws

Executive Summary BPlan Pitch Deck FS SEC Filing

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    Kenneth Williams
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    I like to learn a bit more specs. But I’m absolutely interested in learning more. Who do I contact about being a financier.
  • Danielle
    1 year ago

    I'm interested in learning more about this investment and would like to view the offer memos.

    I keep getting an error that I don't have access to to the google docs. Are you able to assist?

    Thank you,
    • Oh, So Polished, Inc [Equity Offer] [$25 Per Share]
      Oh, So Polished, Inc [Equity Offer] [$25 Per Share]
      1 year ago
      Hello Danielle ,
      Please click the a link again via the offer page for Oh So Polished Lounge, Inc​. Let me know if you have any additional questions. ​

A beauty salon offering a full range of nail, hair and make-up related services and offer complementary products. (Open to Everyone To Invest) (Reg CF) (Company Valuation $214,000)

Oh, So Polished, Inc [Equity Offer] [$25 Per Share]
9209 Midlothian Tnpk North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Funded: $3,400.00
Maximum Goal: $50,000.00

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