Melanoid Exchange is offering the crowd an opportunity to invest in a next level mobile ecommerce/booking platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs of color with the world.

What is Melanoid Exchange?

Melanoid Exchange is a mobile app and website with a marketplace made up exclusively with products and services sold by entrepreneurs of color. We allow product based and serviced based vendors to come aboard and sell products from their storefront. It’s a self-service platform where consumers can shop products from entrepreneurs of color and book services from entrepreneurs in their area. The goal is essentially to make shopping with entrepreneurs of color more convenient than ever and give the entrpreneurs a platform where they can truly profit from their products.

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The Executive Team 

Jovante Ham, Co-Founder and CEO


Jovante Ham is from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. He is a devoted believer, husband, father, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. Jovante Ham grew up in the trenches of Broward County, Florida. After getting in his share of trouble as an adolescent he fell in love with football. He would eventually get a scholarship to play football at Prairie View A&M. He went on to graduate from Prairie View A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering where he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and then a Master of Engineering Management from Arkansas State University. After graduating he then took on a role as an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. While working at his job he discovered his purpose and wrote his bestselling novel called The Hood Scholar which speaks on his journey from the harsh environment in Broward County to his recent successes in Entrepreneurship giving God all the glory.  Jovante recently resigned from his job as an aerospace engineer to go full-time with Melanoid Exchange. 

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Darsha Carter, Co-Founder and COO



Darsha Carter is from Dallas, Texas. She is a believer, wife, entrepreneur, mental health advocate and a registered nurse. Darsha grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs and was business savvy from the start. She played a pivotal role in her family owned print shop overseeing operations in Dallas, TX. She attended Texas Woman’s University where she pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. Carted founded and chartered the black student association on the campus and graduated nursing school at the age of 22. She plays a pivotal role in the day to day operations of Melanoid Exchange as an expert on business operations.

How Melanoid Exchange was Formed

Last February there was a boycott of Gucci that took place because of a blackface controversy. The boycott called to do away with designer brands and buy from black businesses. Mr. Ham decided to join the boycott but found it very difficult to buy black. He found lots of great items on social media, scattered online, vendor festivals, and flea markets but it was  a very inconvenient and unorganized process. Many of the businesses at those vendor festivals had little to no online presence therefore no one knew about the businesses. After doing research at these pop up shops he found that all entreprenuers of color were facing similar issues. When asking the vendors why they weren't selling via the available online platforms he found out the platforms were charging vendors high maintence and marketing fees. He then saw the same type of disadvantages minority serviced based businesses were facing with the map based booking platforms available to them.  They couldnt afford the platforms so their businessses were not prospering simply from a lack of consumers knowing about them. Melanoid Exchange was created to connect entrpreneurs of color with the world through ecommerce and booking, allowing them to focus on making the best return on investment for their products. Americans love shopping with small minority businesses because they know they are supporting local American communities and helping close the wealth gap. and helping shoppers shop where their dollar matters.





The "Buying Power" Problem                                                                                      

Everyone’s favorite statistic to quote regarding Black Businesses is “Black Buying power is $1.3 Trillion dollars”. Well the Hispanic buying power is $1.5 Trillion, Asian buying power is $1 Trillion, Native American buying power is $224 Billion, and Multicultural Races buying power is $114 Billion.  However, there are about 11 million small minority businesses that are not reaping the benefits of these buying power statistics. Why, must you ask because statistics say americans love shopping with minority small busineeses? We found the main reason consumers bypassed these  business to spend their money with major or designer brands because it was more convenient, or they didnt know there were entrepreneurs of color selling the products they were looking for. Of those 11 million businesses over 90% of them are sole proprietorships meaning a one person business. Solo founders rarely have the knowlege or resources to sell or market their businesses online. 



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The Melanoid Exchange Solution

Melanoid Exchange is exclusively made for entrpreneurs of color charging no monthly fees and low transaction fees. Melanoid Exchange also offers same day payment allowing the vendor to profit and get the order out in a timely manner to compete with top sites.  Melanoid Exchange provides people of color an opportunity like none before. We give the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, innovator, bestselling author, selling whatever they would like on their storefront connecting and ultimately with the world. Melanoid Exchange features any and all types of products where consumers can buy almost anything through a clean app interface. Minority entrepreneurs and innovators have products in every area just as the household brands but lack the platform and exposure in which Melanoid Exchange create.We also focus on business development offering  business formation services and funding options for those who qualify.


The Business Model

Melanoid Exchange has a very unique business model. Melanoid Exchange will collect tranasction fees. 6% for eCommerce transactions and 2.5 % for booking transactions. For Melanoid Exchange's map based booking services companies will pay $4.99. We will also have corporate marking space on our app and website for companies looking to attract the culture. We have affordable monthly vendor marketing tools at $4.99 and $7.99 for vendors to gain maximum exposure for their products.  We also have a $50 startup packages for vendors looking to start their entrpreneurship journey. 



Melanoid  Exchange.JPG





Diversifying the Market

We are living in a world where diversity is as important as ever. The government, industries, and companies looking for ways to diversify every market. The eCommerce market is one that has yet to be diversified. Melanoid Exchange is years before its time. A recent study conducted by CNN stated that by 2050 over 60% of the United states will be black or brown. Many minority talents lack the knowledge and resources on how to start their own website, market, and sell their goods. Amazon, Ebay and Etsy control over 80% of ecommerce market however less than 20% of their vendors combined are entrepreneurs of color. Companies are spending billions of dollars in order to diversify the marketplace however you can't buy diversity. It has to be established in the foundation and thats why its the perfect time for Melanoid Exchange.



  • Marketplace made up Exclusively of Entrepreneurs of color.
  • Customizable storefront for vendors
  • No Monthly Fees for Vendors
  • Same day payment for vendors
  • Host of marketing tools
  • Melanin Book of the Week 
  • Innovator Spotlight
  • Novel Bestsellers List 
  • Blogs of all kind


The Industry and Valuation

The ecommerce industry is subjected to be a $4.9 trillion by 2021. The eCommerce industry and diversity both define the future. Melanoid Exchange's Formula merges the two and has been evaluated at over 11 million dollars. There were only 200 vendors’ on Melanoid Exchange when we were valued at over $11.8 million.  The valuation was calculated with our current revenue to date alongside the industry in which we are entering. With the eCommerce market pushing to be a 5 trillion-dollar industry, the demographics of the US by 2050 estimated to be over 60% black or brown we believe the sky is the limit with Melanoid Exchange .                                                


Melanoid Exchange,since hard launching late October 2019 has grossed $20,000, 250+ vendors, around 15,000 downloads, and over 1,000,000 social media impressions. Melanoid Exchange has also been reconized by Forbes, ABC, and more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Invest in Melanoid Exchange's Vision

We have started our seed round funding stage by way of equity crowdfunding. We can raise up to $1,070,000 with a minimum of $15,000 for investors to recieve their shares. We have placed the shares at $0.55 in the form of a SAFE with a $11 million valuation cap. We are raising the money to assist us in our efforts to connect entrepreneurs of color with the world. Melanoid Exchange has a goal of have 100,000 entrpreneurs of color making profit and creating generational wealth through the platform. As you can see Melanoid Exchange is the future and we believe allowing the public to invest first falls directly in line with our goal to generate weath in communities of color.



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Melanoid Exchange is a mobile app platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs of color with the world through eCommerce and booking.

Jovante Ham
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Maximum Goal: $107,000.00

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