GA State African American Chamber builds US first black owned solar powered Data Center on 40 acres of a 100 acre purchase in Albany GA


The mission of Sun Digital Transact is to provide a strong and positive cash flow to its owners and investors through the development of high net worth business operations and real-estate properties. The company's product being cryptography is one of the world’s newest industries and the available low cost land and abundance of sunlight in south GA allows for lean and efficient operations of this type DATA Center. The development of this type operation in Albany, GA will assist in ushering in new technology based industries to the community while assisting in establishing the US as a base for crypto mining operations.

Management Team The Management Team will be led by Christopher Nazareth. Nazareth has worked on projects in both public and private sectors ranging from CDC, SAMAHSA, and White House technology development to consulting at fortune 500 software firms, top-ranked consulting firms, and Tier-one private universities. He holds a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization from Northeastern University and certifications in Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Business Analytics, and Agile development from The Open Group, Ga Tech, and Wharton respectively.
Business Model Mining is required to secure and support the blockchain network. In short, the network will not function without mining. Mining, therefore, presents a significant value proposition for all users of the network. In the course of mining, fees are generated by volume of transactions verified by the SunDigital facilities and are instantly paid via smart contracts in the form of convertible digital assets such as bitcoin. This payment cycle occurs 24/7 without regard to calendar events. There is no function of marketing, the blockchain network is mined by a decentralized method that allows immediate access without cost. There is no function of customer acquisition, users of the network are the captured market.
Competitive Landscape The critical competitive advantage Chinese miners held consisted of a robust retail blockchain market and cheap power. SunDigital is the only operation with 100% renewable solar energy, and with the enormous leap in corporate adoption, a solar system of scale is now feasible, as it was not in the past. As a domestic enterprise operating on a global platform, the choice of security and accountability finally becomes available for large corporate, private investment, and government operations as well as retail bitcoin traders.
Solution SunDigital Transact is a mining company. The company provides its transaction-processing power to the blockchain networks in return for compensation. SunDigital invests in 100% renewable energy systems for its highpowered computer technology and data centers to facilitate the computing power required for a global network of instantaneous transactions. Market The opportunities for blockchain mining over the last half-decade were found in China due to inexpensive power and early adoption of the blockchain in the retail space. As the profitability of mining operations exploded, the political climate in the Chinese government has veered toward an attitude of state control. This attitude has led to repeated bans of all sorts in China, all related to blockchain technology. 


The abundance of power available for the operation by utilizing solar energy will allow for lean and efficient operations. Our scalable and replicable business model will be readily accepted in most business environments. The use of an alternative energy source solves one of the greatest challenges for mining cryptocurrencies and that's the need for lost cost power.

Our model will utilize an insulated metal building to house the operation. The building features 4" thick metal insulated panels for sides and roofing. This design will assist I maintaining optimum operating temperatures in the DATA Center.

Our operation will immediately start generating cash upon completion of the build out and installation. We expect to give ourselves 6 to 9 months to complete the build-out. Considering that, we expect that  the installation of the data center will require another 3 months to complete. Our first year should be exciting based on our projections and should generate reasonable profits in the year 2020!

Our initial purchase of 98 acres has created an opportunity. Since we are only using 40 acres for our Data Center operation, the remaining property is being earmarked for a low income rental home development. It is our goal to utilize solar and highly efficient construction techniques and material to develop a net zero home to benefit low to moderate income renters! Plans for 3 models are in development. Stay in touch and we'll keep you posted! 

We would like to thank Linda Smith and Buy The Block for the opportunity!! 

Thomas Swain, President & Manager


Henry L. Everson, Electrical Engineer

Chris Nazareth is the Data Center Designer/ Chief Tech

Chris Nazareth is the Data Center Designer/ Chief Tech

Craig R. Lerman JD, MBA Company’s Legal Counsel

David Harris, Cyber Security Specialist

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Purchase Agreement 

Operating Agreement 

Offering Memorandum 

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  • Darlene Perkins
    Darlene Perkins
    3 days ago
    Tell me more right away; like how can I invest keep me informed. Thanks
    • Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
      Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
      2 days ago
      Please see your email inbox, thanks!
  • Shannon
    2 weeks ago
    Hello, how can I invest?
    • Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
      Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
      2 days ago
      Please see your email inbox, thanks!
  • Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
    Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
    2 weeks ago
    Olivia C. Pearson, City Commissioner, Douglas, GA
    Thomas Swain, I commend you and Mrs Patricia Swain for your perseverance and determination to become economically EMPOWERED!!! I am so glad to be a Member of GSAACC!!! My hat to you all and I'm excited about this new venture forward!!!!

Sun Digital Transact’s objective is the development and management of a solar powered data center in Albany/Southwest Georgia focused on blockchain mining. (Reg D Offer) (Open To Some Investors)

Thomas Swain, Sun Digital Transact, LLC
629 Lockett Station Rd, Albany, GA 31721

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