1. What problem are you solving?
An estimated 60-80 percent of all doctor visits are related to stress and a factor in the leading cause of death of heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents. In addition, according to Peter Schnall’s Unhealthy Work, stress has exploded into a $1 trillion health epidemic.
Enhanced Potential Holdings, Inc. obtains capital to establish/support various alternative health enterprises that addresses the problem and is responsible for managing those resources effectively to maximize shareholder profits for those companies as follows:
A. Downtown Detroit Inception Mental Health Gym and Headquarters (2019 Proposed Building Date)
Because of the growth in the downtown Detroit area, this is an opportune time to duplicate the Inception-Farmington Hills model and build another start-of-the-art mental health gym and headquarters in downtown Detroit to address the stress levels of the growing population in that area. This facility will feature our proven unique combination of advanced technologies and modalities to combat stressful work and life styles.
B. On-line Mental Health and Wellness Educational Platform (2019 Proposed Launch Date)
The public is lagging in the knowledge of how to feel better with alternative health and wellness products/services. To address this issue, we will increase the awareness by educating the public on various stress and trauma related topics that promote mental and physical well-being through an on-line educational platform as well as ongoing podcasts, webinars, etc.
C. On-Line Merchandise Sales (2019 Proposed Launch Date)
We will introduce and private label several retail products to the public such as vitamins and minerals, essential oils and diffusers and other wellness technologies.
D. Corporate Mental Health and Wellness Programs (2020 Proposed Launch Date) We have an unprecedented opportunity to bring our “relaxation station,” which utilizes the NeurOptimal (brain training) neurofeedback mobile unit to the workplace throughout the metro-Detroit area to reduce stress levels and promote healthier employees.
E. Franchising/Licensing (2021 Proposed Launch Date) We will offer the Inception model as a proven concept through franchising to reach passionate mind-body enthusiasts that want to bring this opportunity to their communities nationwide.
F. On-line wellness scheduling, marketing and communication software platform (2021 Proposed Launch Date) We will create a cost-effective business automation wellness software that eliminates the need to interact with eight different software platforms by incorporating the best features into one software program.
2. How will you make money?
Inception Detroit (Downtown) will make money by providing clients with relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, etc. by utilizing state-of-the art researched based modalities.
The on-line mental health and wellness educational platform will make money when people sign up to be educated on how trauma and stress affects them in their everyday life and to gain knowledge on how to feel better with alternative health and wellness products/services.
The on-line merchandise sales will make money when people purchase private label retail products and other products associated with health and wellness.
The corporate mental health and wellness programs will make money by utilizing the NeurOptimal (brain training) neurofeedback mobile unit to reduce worker stress levels within various corporate settings in the metro-Detroit area.
The franchising component will make money by duplicating the Inception concept throughout the U.S., first through the initial start-up fees and then with on-going monthly franchise fees.
The online wellness scheduling, marketing and communication software platform will make money when various businesses in the wellness industry use our new automation software that takes eight different software platforms and incorporates all the best features into one.
3. How will you make money for your investors?
Enhanced Potential Holdings, Inc. will offer shares of the company to investors. As each business is established and becomes profitable, the value of the companies will increase and thus the value of shares will increase also.
4. How are you going to spend the money you raise?
Funds raised under Enhanced Potential Holdings, Inc. will be distributed to the various businesses being worked on after strategic work plans with details goals and budgets are created.
5. How much money do you need?

We intend to raise a $1 million for the first round at 20 cents a share which equates to 5 million shares. However, the first found on crowd funding our intention is the raise is $107,000 or 535,000 shares.

6. How can an investor get his/her return plus make a profit?

When Enhanced Potential Holdings, Inc. goes public or if the company is sold.

Enhanced Potential Holdings Inc.

Enhanced Potential Holdings INC
29260 Franklin rd, 322

Funded: $107,194.65
Maximum Goal: $10,000.00

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