Investors will be updated a minimum of twice per month via email.
10% annually for 10 years.
The majority shareholders have the right to sell the property after 10 years. If this occurs, investors who invested in the first round will reap returns on the sale of the property. The majority shareholders can also buy shares back from investors within the 10 year period.
Investing is easy. All you have to do is go to, find Broadway Project One, LLC, and choose how much you want to invest.
Gary is a goldmine of opportunity. The property is walking distance from the minor league baseball stadium, a Michael Bloomberg funded development, the Metra Train Station which connects Chicago and Gary, R&R Sports Bar, and more. Amazon has already come to the city. Starbucks is slated to come in 2019. US Steel just gave the city $750 Million to develop the Steel Mill and surrounding area (downtown). Gary’s beautiful beaches are a 10 minute drive from the property. Property values are steadily rising.
The first round of funding is to purchase the property. The second is to build out the space.
Investors are allowed to sell their shares back to the company or to an accredited investors. They can also bequeath them to heirs
The property is 6,250 square feet. It will house 3 retail establishments. Broadway Project One, LLC will lease the property to businesses coming into the downtown area. There will be one upscale restaurant, one tech center, and one work share space
30 years combined.

Our goal is to help in the redevelopment of a city that is destined to shine again. Gary is the perfect redevelopment and revitalization recipe that is needed to achieve our ultimate goal.

Broadway Project ONE, LLC [Equity Offer] [$25 Per Share]
We’re targeting downtown Gary, IN

Funded: $5,150.00
Maximum Goal: $35,000.00

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