I've been a chef in mind and spirit from a child making & recreating recipes from the backs of cereal boxes, trying to make biscuits from scratch at the age of 10 for my ungrateful sisters who had thrown them around the house using them for hockey pucks, all the way through today which I am known for all over Chicago by family, friends and customers. My biscuits are MUCH better now.
Our Culture is simple. Family Don't Feed Family Garbage.. the people in our community is family. Culture is Family.
I know my market because I am my market, my family, friend and neighbors need, desire and want access and knowledge about the best food and healthier options just as any other demographic, culturally or financially speaking.
We are different because we see value in ourselves as well as in our community, we want the people of our community healthy and living abundant lives, without limitations. We want to inspire change, encourage and motivate our families to live healthier fulfilling lives. And it starts with the foods we eat.
The expected rate of return is around 10% for every minimal offering.
Updates and pertinent information will be available at a date and time we are able to navigate and explain this new venture clearly and effectively. The business model that we have will make a yearly checkup is reasonable to accomplish.

Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe will debut its Grand Opening on Chicago’s South Side. A market/cafe at the convenience store level, offering fresh produce and bulk dry goods. (Reg CF) (Everyone)

Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce And Café Inc [Equity Offer] [$20 Per Share]
PoBox 208943, Chicago, IL 60620

Funded: $38,200.00
Maximum Goal: $35,000.00

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