No experience is needed. This is a passive investment. However, you will learn a lot of what it takes to run and manage a portfolio of rental properties through the quarterly investor updates.
The minimum investment is five $50 shares ($250).
The maximum number of shares per non-accredited investor is 200 ($10K). Accredited investors may invest up to 500 shares ($25k). Other rules apply that may change this number. See the Buy The Block guidelines for more information.
Yes. You can invest from many countries. The platform will confirm your eligibility.
Investors will purchase shares that will pay dividends and appreciate in value as the property value increases.

The shares will pay out dividends twice a year (bi-annually).

Example 1:
The dividends will be 40% of the net profit divided by the 21,280 shares.

Estimated Year 1 dividends are $1.50 per share per year. This is projected to grow to $3.00 per share per year by year 3.

Shareholders will also see growth in the value of their shares as the property values increase in the neighborhood.
The estimated value appreciation is 10% per year.

Example 2:
Value of each share at the beginning of year 2 - $55 per share
Value of each share at the beginning of year 3 - $60.50 per share

There will be a point in which this value appreciation slows down to 2-3 % per year. We expect this to happen between years 4 – 6.

*This is an investment. There are no guarantees, however, these are reasonable projections
Dividends are paid bi-annually. Those dates will be announced when the fund has raised enough capital to move forward with the project. The company will offer the opportunity to sell your shares back to us once a year. This will allow you to recoup your initial investment if you want to pull out.
No. This a passive investment. Shareholders do not have voting rights. All decisions are made by a team of experienced professionals. Shareholders may have great ideas, but the final plans have to be sustainable and not speculative in nature.
Create an account on, choose the Lyons Ave Renaissance campaign from the home page and follow the directions.
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If you program times out on you or doesn’t allow you to complete your purchase from a mobile device please try using a laptop or desktop.

Invest in 18 rentals with long term tenants (mostly seniors), a restaurant, an empty space that will be a coffee shop, and a new construction office space in Historic 5th Ward of Houston.

Chris Senegal - President of 3204 Lyons Avenue LLC
3115 Farmers St, Houston, TX, 77020

Funded: $1,070,000.00
Minimum Goal: $107,000.00
Maximum Goal: $535,000.00

  • Closed
  • 1650 Investors

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Investment $1,500.00 Thirty shares of 3204 Lyons Ave LLC 50 claimed so far out of 50 Estimated Delivery: August 2020

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Investment $2,500.00 Fifty shares of 3204 Lyons Ave LLC 51 claimed so far out of 50 Estimated Delivery: August 2020

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Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel an investment commitment for any reason until 48 hours prior to the deadline identified in the offering by logging in to your account with Buy the Block, browsing to the Investments screen, and clicking to cancel your investment commitment. If an investor does not cancel an investment commitment before the 48- hour period prior to the offering deadline, the funds will be released to the issuer upon closing of the offering and the investor will receive securities in exchange for his or her investment.

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