8% Annual Return
50% of NET profits on liquidated property distributed as dividend. (After 1 year hold)
The minimum investment is (4) shares at $25/share.
No experience is needed. This is a passive investment. However, you will learn a lot of what it takes to run and manage a portfolio of rental properties through the quarterly investor updates.
Yes. You can invest from many countries. The BuyTheBlock.com platform will confirm your eligibility.
Dividends are paid bi-annually in June and December after the 1 yr Hold. Those dates will be announced when the fund has raised enough capital to move forward with the project. The company will offer the opportunity to sell your shares back to us once a year. This will allow you to recoup your initial investment if you want to pull out.
Create an account on BuyTheBlock.com, choose the Adams and Vista AirBnB initiative campaign from the home page and follow the directions.
UPC will aggressively pursue off market real estate opportunities such as multi-family homes and apartments to grow the equity of the current portfolio.

Airbnb is going public in 2020. We plan to invest in stock opportunities as well as continuing to grow the Airbnb portfolio.
A holding period is the amount of time the investment is held by the company. During this period, cash flow, profits, gains are re-invested back into the company to grow & expand the portfolio.

Building generational wealth and setting up a long term wealth building tool.

Regiis Jones - President of Adam & Vista LLC
13406 Vista Oaks

Funded: $10,505.00
Maximum Goal: $107,000.00

  • Closed
  • 32 Investors

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel an investment commitment for any reason until 48 hours prior to the deadline identified in the offering by logging in to your account with Buy the Block, browsing to the Investments screen, and clicking to cancel your investment commitment. If an investor does not cancel an investment commitment before the 48- hour period prior to the offering deadline, the funds will be released to the issuer upon closing of the offering and the investor will receive securities in exchange for his or her investment.

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