The momentum of Roots & Vine Produce and Café as they sprout up in food deserts across the country will quickly make the new startup a household name. Inserting themselves into blighted communities and providing fresh produce, bulk dry goods and essentials in areas that need it most.



Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc., is a start-up aiming to revolutionize the convenience store concept.  “Connecting Farmers To People & Reconnecting People With Real Food.” Our core mission is to target and eliminate food deserts in blighted neighborhoods, create jobs for the communities we serve as well as specialized franchise opportunities. We are dedicated to building relationships with family farmers nationwide to supply our locations, that will increase their bottom line and provide Roots & Vine Produce and Cafés with the best quality produce available. Offering communal space alongside the store gives each location the possibility to connect with people of the community, host workshops, classes, food demos and healthy dialogue with customers to introduce to them healthier food options, recipes and solutions to reduce food related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

20170624_191614.jpgRoots & Vine Produce and Café Inc., is spearheaded by Ms. Ena Jones, a single mother of 3, born and raised on Chicago’s south side. She is also a DeVry University student majoring in Business, Marketing and Advertising.  She is a caterer and seasoned entrepreneur twenty years and counting. She is also a self-published writer & owner of Everyday Butterfly Home Spa Collection a self-care product line of 100% natural and organic ingredients.


Roots & Vine Produce and Café will revolutionize the convenience store one zip code at a time.  It should be a basic human right to eat quality food instead of food like products that are available at almost every turn.  The rate of food deserts nationwide is an epidemic, the USDA acknowledges this with a lengthy map of the nationwide shortage of access to real food (, All of these areas are an ideal location for Roots & Vine Produce and Cafés.

“There is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo, than on a poor man’s plate.”




Enas Cafe.jpg

butterfly three.jpgButterfly.jpg


Our health is directly correlated to the foods we eat. It should be just as easy to get a fresh produce or bulk dry goods at reasonable prices from the corner store, just as easy as it is to get genetically modified chips, chemical laden drinks and years old canned goods.  If we continue to eat food like products we will continue to suffer from food related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. We must eat beyond the basic apple a day, concentrated orange juice that is truly orange flavored water and industrialized citric acid, unGodly bleached and blindly enriched grains. We must return to real food!

For this reason we turn to our great Family Farmers! They possess the artillery and Roots & Vine Produce and Café will be the boots on the ground to fight the war on health in our communities.

The magnitude of this business plan is HUGE!! Our communities are in dire need of healthy food and our family farmers need economic stability to continue to produce great harvest. Roots & Vine Produce and Cafés will be the farm to kitchen table catalyst our families need for optimal health.

Cafés in our stores offers the community an environment where they can come to connect, network, learn, share and obtain information to utilize with their family and peers.

Huge conglomerate grocers appeal to the wealthy offering quality produce at premium prices that the average 99% of the population cannot afford.  Our target market is low to moderate income families. According to the United Stated Department of Agriculture the access to food especially healthy food is scarce. (Food insecurity data conference ).




Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe along with family farmers nationwide, will bring the freshest produce, bulk dry goods and essentials to blighted neighborhoods, eliminating food deserts one zip code at a time! Cross marketing with our vending farmers in all our stores and on our sites will let customers know exactly who's growing their food. While great things Are cooking in the cafe, join us in healthy dialogue around or Green Table Talk sessions, share, get informed and experience new flavors that will heal the spirit of all the communities We touch.    ❤

Here is a complete list of Black Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets. 



enainfrontofrootsandvinecafeinc .jpg

Cafe Front View 2.jpg

The dimensions are 40x40 (1600sq ff). There's also 200 sq ft upstairs which brings the total sq ft to 1800. 



font view.jpg


Roots and Vine Produce and Cafés, will be cashless transactions, which will offer security in the most challenging communities. Being cashless offers an advantage of inventory control and up-to-the-minute profit and loss for each location for true data analysis. Minimal startup investment for each 3000 square foot (or less) location should not exceed $75k the annual gross return on investment estimates to exceed $250k.  Our franchise model is one-of-a- kind. Franchise opportunities will give deference to people within their communities who will work for up to 36 months as a salaried partner into store ownership.



Our projected sales are between $150,000 tru $250,000

These numbers are based on average ticket of $12 x 40 sales= $480 per day

$480x6 days= $2880 per week $11,520 per month $138,240

These numbers could easily double.

Our food cost are low because everything is fresh made. No prepackaged food

Our yearly expenses is estimated to be 53%


Based on these modest projections, we can offer 10% annual dividends per investment of $100


Minimum Raise: $32,000

Maximum Raise: $107,000

Number of Shares: 5350

Price per share/unit: $20

Minimum Investment: $100

Company Estimated Valuation: $215,000


Connect with Roots and Vines 

Facebook: Roots and Vines Produce & Cafe 

Facebook Group: Green Table Talk 

Twitter: @RootsVine

Instagram: rootsvineproduceand



Property Equity Stake

This offer includes equity ownership in 1038 W 103rd St is a multi-family home in Chicago, IL 60643. This 2,016 square foot multi-family home sits on a 3,250 square foot lot and features 2 bathrooms. This property was built in 1908. Nearby schools include Garvey M Elementary School, Julian High School and United Educational Cultural Academy. 




Ena Jones Headshot_2.jpg

Ena Jones

President / CEO 



Mykaylah Goodman

unknown (1).jpg


Shelby Parchman

InUrban Strategies


 Executive Summary   By-Laws Offering Memorandum  

 Subscription Agreement  PR Pitch Deck   SEC Filing

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  • Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
    Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
    2 weeks ago
    The outpouring of love support & encouragement is so very much appreciated! 💕
    Thank you so much Family!
  • Daana Andre
    Daana Andre
    3 weeks ago
    How do I proceed with investing in this business.
    • Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      2 weeks ago
      Good Evening, Thanks fort joining us💕
      Simply choose a level you want to invest & Follow the prompts... Quick and easy 😁
      You'll Recieve a confirmation email. You'll Recieve a certificate at the end of our offer around March 2019. Thanks Again family
  • Ryan Hunt
    Ryan Hunt
    3 weeks ago
    I want to invest
    • Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      2 weeks ago
      Thanks for joining us Ryan!
      Investing its simple. Please choose a desired level of investing & follow the info prompts. You'll shortly after receive a confirmation email. Certificates will be sent around March 2019.
      Thanks for your support family💕
  • Anita Burress
    Anita Burress
    1 month ago
    How can I implement this project in London, England?

    As we desparately NEED, this here!

    Please contact me, directly Ms Ena Jones!

    Thanking you in advance!
    • Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce and Café Inc.
      2 weeks ago
      Hi Anita!
      I'll be in touch via email.
      Or please email me at
      Leave a good time for us to connect.
      Thanks family💕
  • Cathy Payne
    Cathy Payne
    1 month ago
    Looking forward to participating. I am very interested in the upcoming Saturday sessions.
  • Theresa Merriman
    Theresa Merriman
    1 month ago
    This Is amazing! I’m going to invest in it. Need one in New York
  • Barbara Henry
    Barbara Henry
    1 month ago
    How can I implement this project in the deep south of Alabama? I reside in Mobile Alabama. It's on the Gulf coast, the bottom of the State.
  • Harold Brewer
    Harold Brewer
    1 month ago
    This would work in so many areas
  • Sir Wormley
    Sir Wormley
    1 month ago
    I love this we need more of this
  • Felicia Sanders
    Felicia Sanders
    1 month ago
    Super excited about your business! I'm in!
  • Cary Junior
    Cary Junior
    1 month ago
    It exciting to hear a similar vision is being implemented to feed and educate our community. I hope to connect to further extend our concepts and/or model nationwide as well as collaborate as where possible.
  • Adenike Parker
    Adenike Parker
    1 month ago
    My heart is smiling deeply.
  • Jamel Parker
    Jamel Parker
    1 month ago
    ThkU4 UrInspiration It Is VeryMuch Needed!
  • AuStarr
    1 month ago
    This is wonderful~ I would like to be contacted for investment/franchise information. This is a #DulceRevolution✊🏾
  • Terica Pearson
    Terica Pearson
    1 month ago
    Yes, I want to invest.
  • Michael Bond
    Michael Bond
    1 month ago
    I am hooked on this. I am with you 100%. I will invest what I can and also alert others to this amazing opportunity. It is great that we have people like you making things happen.
  • Mark
    1 month ago
    Ena! What a fantastic idea that is so long overdue. I truly admire your forward thinking! This could become a true movement in America.
  • J. V.
    J. V.
    1 month ago
    Trader Joe's is a great example of what I hope R&V eventually becomes. Notice how most of the products sold in TJ's is made by them?
  • Raetoria
    2 months ago
    Congratulations! I will definitely invest.
  • toshira
    2 months ago
    Congratulations, I will become an investor.
  • Moe
    2 months ago
    So very proud of you working toward your dreams. If anyone knows healthy eating and the needs of our urban would be you. Awesome business concept i will definitely become an investor.
  • Ms. Hendricks
    Ms. Hendricks
    3 months ago
    Way to go Ms. Ena. Your dreams and success is very encouraging. Stand Tall and I hope to see you at the top. God has given you much abundance.
    Peace be with you.
  • David Woods
    David Woods
    3 months ago
    Congratulations I knew you would be successful because of your hard drive and motivation. A true Entrepreneur and I’m sure your food is still delicious. I have been waiting on this moment. You have my true support.
  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams
    3 months ago
    You are an inspiration. Do you know how many lives you're about to change? I love you.

Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe will debut its Grand Opening on Chicago’s South Side in the Morgan Park Community, offering a WiFi friendly cafe and a weekly farmers market. (Reg CF) (Everyone)

Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce And Café Inc [Equity Offer] [$20 Per Share]
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