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Thielon Williams $100.00
Rachael Reed $100.00
Fatima Futa $100.00
Kiki $500.00
Ruth Calhoun $300.00
Jacqueline Ivey $100.00
nathaniel $200.00
Althea Phillips $100.00
Natalie Michel $300.00
Cheryl Rixon $100.00
Wilma Henderson $100.00
Carye Parker $100.00
Latacha Tolbert $400.00
Folashade Coker $100.00
Wesley cuffie jr $100.00
nathaniel $100.00
Edward Flounoy Jr $100.00
Rudmyer Romelus $100.00
Abdul Hasan $100.00
Juanese Johnson $200.00

A neighborhood revitalization corporations created to develop multi-family homes on selected vacant lots of land, in and around the Englewood Section of Chicago Illinois.

Takes a Village 1, Inc. Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation
2214 East 75th Street, Chicago IL 60649

Funded: $3,300.00
Maximum Goal: $107,000.00

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  • 20 Investors

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