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Irving Wright $100.00
Ciara $200.00
Marc $100.00
fabrizio $100.00
Jermon Phillips $200.00
Jacqueline Attaway $200.00
Robert White III $200.00
Marc $100.00
Etoria Hallums $100.00
Tierra $300.00
Shevor mccloud $100.00
Marck E. Estemil $100.00
Jamese $100.00
siyabulela mboxela $100.00
Cree Thompson $100.00
Johnathan Finkley $100.00
Kerwin Rodgers $200.00
Kerwin Rodgers $200.00
Serena Harris $100.00
Rakem Stamps $100.00

Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe will debut its Grand Opening on Chicago’s South Side. A market/cafe at the convenience store level, offering fresh produce and bulk dry goods. (Reg CF) (Everyone)

Ena Jones - President/CEO of Roots & Vine Produce And Café Inc [Equity Offer] [$20 Per Share]
PoBox 208943, Chicago, IL 60620

Funded: $38,300.00
Maximum Goal: $35,000.00

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Investment $1,000.00 You are purchasing 50 units/shares of common Stock, $20.00 per value (the "Shares") of Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe Inc. 6 claimed so far out of 6 Estimated Delivery: March 2019

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