Backer name Amount
Tameshia McConnell $500.00
Sharay Graves $250.00
Robert Jackson $250.00
Taylor Smith $250.00
Felicia Elaine Latson $2,500.00
Jesse Lowry $1,500.00
Brittany Randle $350.00
Tarius Roberts $250.00
Joanna Garcia $350.00
Seretha Ali $750.00
Luciana Turner $350.00
Scottie Smith $750.00
Anthony Fernandez $250.00
Britney English $350.00
Marques Raven $250.00
Antoinette Franklin $1,000.00
Alexa Luckey $500.00
Jarred Twitty $250.00
Jones $500.00

Invest in 18 rentals with long term tenants (mostly seniors), a restaurant, an empty space that will be a coffee shop, and a new construction office space in Historic 5th Ward of Houston.

Chris Senegal - President of 3204 Lyons Avenue LLC
3115 Farmers St, Houston, TX, 77020

Funded: $883,800.00
Minimum Goal: $107,000.00
Maximum Goal: $535,000.00

  • 2 Days left Days left
  • 1342 Investors

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Investment $1,500.00 Thirty shares of 3204 Lyons Ave LLC 50 claimed so far out of 50 Estimated Delivery: August 2020

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