Backer name Amount
Andre Hatchett $1,000.00
Benjamin Weiner $5,000.00
Valerie Etienne $1,000.00
Chavez Vera $1,000.00
Charicha Jenkins $2,000.00
Reina Hosier $5,000.00
Brianna Green $2,000.00
Alecia Mitchell $1,000.00
Sulondia Hammond $1,000.00
Nicholas Myrill $2,000.00
Kijuan Poland $1,000.00
Kwabena Randolph $5,000.00
Christopher Coffee $3,000.00
EW Townsend $1,000.00
James Oliver III $5,000.00
Dante' Malachi Perkins $2,000.00
Tiffany Lewis $2,000.00
Wesley Saavedra $1,000.00
James Oliver III $5,000.00

Invest in the buying and building of 184+ multifamily units and 12,000 square feet of commercial space as part of the #BuyBackBatonRouge real estate investment in Eddie Robinson Sr. Historic District.

Jullien Gordon
1116 S. 14th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Funded: $57,000.00
Minimum Goal: $401,000.00
Milestone 2: $750,000.00
Maximum Goal: $1,070,000.00

  • 149 Days left Days left
  • 28 Investors

Cancellation/Refund Policy

A BlockVestor may cancel any investment up to 48 hours after clicking the "Invest Now" button and receive a refund of such investment without any fees or penalties for any reason. A BlockVestor may cancel his or her investment for any reason up to 48 hours before an offering's close and receive a full refund of such investment without any fees or penalties by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line of "Investment Cancellation" and identifying the particular investment to be canceled. Refunds will be processed within (24) twenty-four hours.

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