Backer name Amount
Krystal Alexis $100.00
Errol Ray $1,000.00
Alicia Garner $100.00
Sylvester $100.00
Tonya Haith $100.00
Anthony Washington $1,000.00
Rochelle Woodson $100.00
Shernelle Griffith $100.00
Leonora TRAVERS $100.00
Shane Davis $500.00
Shane Davis $1,000.00
Amy Hardy $500.00
Jojo P $5.00
Wayne Saunders $1,000.00
Danielle Mash $100.00
Terry Thompson $100.00
Jacqueline Turner $100.00
Margaret Mclennan $100.00
James Horace $100.00

Building generational wealth and setting up a long term wealth building tool.

Regiis Jones - President of Adam & Vista LLC
13406 Vista Oaks

Funded: $10,505.00
Maximum Goal: $107,000.00

  • Closed
  • 32 Investors

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel an investment commitment for any reason until 48 hours prior to the deadline identified in the offering by logging in to your account with Buy the Block, browsing to the Investments screen, and clicking to cancel your investment commitment. If an investor does not cancel an investment commitment before the 48- hour period prior to the offering deadline, the funds will be released to the issuer upon closing of the offering and the investor will receive securities in exchange for his or her investment.

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